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It Takes A Professional…

Buying or selling a business can be a frustrating experience.  Without a solid knowledge of business sales, it can take years to even connect the interested parties in a transaction.  Buyers can get lost in the maze of purchasing options, time-sensitive evaluations, and legal issues.  Sellers can become anxious and underprice their businesses.

With Bain Business Sales, Inc., buyers and sellers receive personal and professional attention to help remove the clouds of uncertainty and anxiety by walking each prospective interest through the entire Business Transfer Process and by streamlining the path to a successful Purchase and Sale.

For thirty-five years we’ve successfully evaluated and sold Texas manufacturing, distribution, industrial and service companies of all types. For a free, confidential consultation, just give us a call at (713) 977-0007 or email:

Thank you!

What We Do…

We sell successful, well-established, on-going businesses to both active owner-operators and passive investors; including strategic buyers, private equity groups and high net worth individuals.

Our specialized operating procedures and marketing methods are designed to insure the privacy and strict confidentiality of each and every business sale. 


 The 5-Year Forward Look Business Assessment

Bain Business Sales, Inc., in association with the Kirchoff-Peterson Company in San Antonio, Texas, is pleased to offer a new, low-cost Marketability Assessment to estimate your company’s Fair Market Selling Price for the current fiscal year and the following four fiscal years. This Assessment also serves as an excellent “2nd Opinion.”


Jim Bain…

Is the owner of Bain Business Sales, Inc. and has been appraising and brokering businesses in Houston, TX for thirty-five years.

Additionally, Mr. Bain’s extensive involvement in the Business Transfer Industry has included private consultations, negotiations, individual Buyer/Seller training, marketability assessments, public speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops.

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Find business investments in Houston and throughout the State of Texas.

Call Jim Bain today!  (713) 977-0007